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Fishes of the Xe Kong drainage in Laos (M. Kottelat 2011)
On the validity of Pelvicachromis sacrimontis (Lamboj e Pichler, 2012)
The first record of Trigonostigma somphongsi in Thailand (Petsut et al. 2014)
Wallaceochromis, a new cichlid genus (Lamboj et al. 2016)
Description of Laetacara fulvipinnis (Staeck & Schindler 2007)
A new species of Laetacara (F.P. Ottoni et al. 2012)
Taxonomy of chain Danio (Kullander 2015)
Description of Danio absconditus and redescription of Danio feegradei (Kullander & Britz 2015)
Danio htamanthinus, a new species of miniature cyprinid (Kullander & Norén 2016)
Spectacular morphological novelty in Danionella dracula (Britz et al. 2009)
Description of Danio flagrans and redescription of Danio choprae (Kullander 2012)
Taxonomy and systematics of Tetraodontiform fishes (K.Matsuura 2014)
The Fishes of the Inland Waters of Southeast Asia (M. Kottelat 2013)
Conspectus cobitidum: an inventory of the loaches of the world (M. Kottelat 2012)
Corydoras diphyes and Otocinclus mimulus, two new species of catfishes from Paraguay (Axenrot & Kullander 2003)
Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong (Rainboth 1996)
Crossocheilus obscurus: Distribution extension and first record for Musi Basin, South Sumatra, Indonesia (2017)
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